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Vending Machine Nowadays vending machines are really common in any places. Vending machines are really convenient to anyone and you can buy something in it anytime. Vending machine is a coin operated device that is used to sell items such as snacks, beverages, alcohol, cigarettes, books, lottery tickets, and many more(Jade, 2011). In 251BC, the invention of the first vending machine took its place in the temples of Egypt which dispenses Holy water. The first concept of vending was actually created to prevent holy water theft back in 1st century (Smith, 2015). In the early years of 1880’s The first coin-operated vending machines were invented in the early 1880’s in London, England that dispensed post cards. After few years, there came out a vending machine that could dispense books which was invented by Richard Carlisle. As the years went on, different items can be purchased like stamps, cigarettes, and gum balls. As of 2010, United States has the greatest number of vending machine in the world with a number of…show more content…
Many countries adopt different types and kinds of vending machines. Innovations in modern vending machines are incredibly diverse, and since many seem unbelievable, most people won't believe they exist; some of these are vending machine that dispenses bicycle, lettuce, soccer balls, pizza, wine, prescription drugs, egg, live lobster, necktie and even fortune telling (Bartz, 2008).On the other hand, it could also dispense other things just like school supplies which were already available in different colleges in other countries. This was beneficial to college students especially to those who have evening and weekend students, where the stores outside the school were closed. It was also already available at the Collin College since 2009 (Burdi,

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