Vegetarians vs. Meat eaters

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Have you ever questioned what you put into your body? Do you ever wonder where it came from? The next time you eat, think about where it came from. Is it a vegetable that grew from a garden at a nearby farm, or is it a fat saturated hamburger that came from a mistreated animal slaughterhouse. Meat can be very harmful to your health and the environment. That's why vegetarianism is an idealistic lifestyle. Meat-eaters unethically use resources by: killing animals, causing pollution and deforestation, and putting themselves at risk for high cholesterol, cancer, and obesity. We all know that one person amongst our friends or family that has a heart for animals and refuses the thought of eating a poor furry friend. Others believe that animals were put here for a reason to be eaten and used as a resource, but what most people don't know is how badly animals are mistreated in factories and in slaughterhouses. Most animal's diets are interchanged and modified to save money and make the company more efficient. What this means is that the animals often suffer from deficiency of vitamins and nutrients. The PETA organization says, The factory farming industry strives to maximize output while minimizing costs—always at the animals’ expense. The giant corporations that run most factory farms have found that they can make more money by cramming animals into tiny spaces, even though many of the animals get sick and some die. The industry journal National Hog Farmer explains, “Crowding pigs pays,” and egg-industry expert Bernard Rollins writes that “chickens are cheap; cages are expensive.” (4). Realistically, a healthy diet doesn't need to contain meat. Killing animals is an unethical use of resources. In fact, diets not containing any... ... middle of paper ... ...rse there are meats you should stay away from, but others like chicken and pork supply some protein. When choosing your meat, be very careful. There are many reasons you shouldn't eat meat, and there are many reasons out there that you should. These reason need to be prioritized and recognized. Vegetarianism is a very idealistic lifestyle, over all it promotes better health, saves the environment, resources, and our animals. Eliminating meat from your diet affects more than just what you're eating. Works Cited

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