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532 words

“The Earth is so big. We can’t possible have any lasting, harmful impact on the Earth’s environment.”1
In the documentary, The Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore presents a brief synopsis of some of the outcomes that global warming has played on our delicate Earth. Mr. Gores objective is to “…separate truth from fiction…” by providing various statistics, charts, equations, pictures, while including his personal life experiences. The data gathered, and the trends of different climatological graphs, were introduced to the public in order to provide a finer comprehension of the situation at hand. This documentary also provides a deeper understanding regarding the most sensitive issue about the environment which is the Global Warming.
Former Vice President, Al Gore, presented various facts of the differences of Earth’s topography, and nature today, and compared to the data from previous years. Mr. Gore caught the attention of the public by presenting the discrepancies of the figures and statistics from around the world that were caused by global warming. As he continues to explain throughout...

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how al gore's documentary, the inconvenient truth, provides a brief synopsis of some of the outcomes that global warming has played on our delicate earth.
  • Explains that global warming is caused by the gradual increase of greenhouse gases in the ozone layer.
  • Opines that people must take good care of earth's nature and not ignore its climate crisis. many governments and countries supported the kyoto protocol’s aim at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
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