Vegan Lifestyle Enhances Health

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Unless the intention is to shorten one’s lifespan, the Western diet, respectively, has it all wrong. On any given day, Americans are found consuming excessive amounts of meat and dairy products. While that may not seem like such a crime—it’s treason to their bodies. What people fail to realize is that they are allowing unnecessary trans fats, numerous carcinogens, and harmful bacteria into their bloodstream. This can lead to countless complications later in life. Whereas, if people avoided meat and dairy for fruits and vegetables, the health benefits from this type of eating habit would be astonishing. Although vitamin B-12, found in many meat products, is essential to make blood for the nervous system, there can be supplements that vegans take to ensure they are getting what they need. Vegan lifestyle is proven to be healthier as opposed to a meat and dairy lifestyle, because vegans are less prone to diseases, have a leaner and more energetic body, and their lifestyle mitigates the ecological destruction of the planet.
The consumption of meat and dairy products can lead to many infamous diseases, which vegans are virtually immune to. For individuals resisting type 2 diabetes, low-fat vegan diets improve glycemic control better than traditional Western diabetes diets of meat and dairy products (Barnard 255). While it is true that fruits are primarily composed of sugar, insulin levels will not spike because these are natural sugars, not refined. Additionally, a vegan lifestyle permits the control of blood lipid concentrations, thereby preventing cardiovascular disease (Barnard 258). In fact, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States (Hirschler 157). Also, a lower intake of fats—from avoiding meat—w...

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...ulgence in this meal? They certainly do.

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