Varying Ideas on What Makes a Just Society

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Philosophers from the ancient times to philosophers of today and the modern society all have voiced their opinions on how a government should be set up and ruled in order to have a just society. Some philosophers say that the government is corrupt and unjust while others argue that the government controls fairly and appropriately. The two main positions that philosophers believe are resources in society should be distributed to obtain common good and live life as long as you do not infringe on others. The laws and rules the United States government currently has in place today often originate from these philosophers ideas and work to maintain a just society. The definition of a just society can be described as a society with equality and solidarity where everyone is treated the way they deserve to be treated. The government today has control over the people to avoid chaos but tries their best to best serve its people. People in society deserve to be treated fairly based off their natural rights of being human. The Declaration of Independence states that the consent of the govern is applied to serve its citizens with the best laws and regulations to keep the people in a state of contempt and delectation. Governments are supposed to protect and give the people of a nation the rights and justice they deserve with the consent of the governed. If humans are treated fairly and justly then the people will respect the government and not cause chaos. Just societies start from a stable form of government and work their down to the people of society through the laws and regulations set in place by government trying to treat them as fairly and justly as possible.
The ancient philosopher Plato was a Greek philosopher who based his ideas on...

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... idea, “Voice of the people.” He said humans coming together creates commonwealth secures the liberties for citizens.
Just societies start from the people fighting for what they deserve. A society must work together to achieve their rights and liberties as a natural born person to a country. The governments in a society must listen to the people and be strong in order to provide for the citizens whether its providing the public good or not infringing on others. People must work together to be a society with equal and just treatment. From classical philosophers to contemporary philosophers ideas about government and just societies shift from person to person but all maintain the main idea of providing a strong government whether its just or not. A just society will always be different to each person and will never be completely correct.
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