Vaping Pros And Cons

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First off, “vaping” refers to the practice of using an e-cigarette or other vaporizer to inhale a heated, flavored aerosol vapor of propylene glycol, glycerin, flavorings, and (usually) nicotine. The general principle of an e-cigarette or vape is that a heating element heats up the e-liquid, turning it into vapor, which the user can then inhale. Vaporizing devices, or “vapes” come in a variety of configurations and makes. Some look just like regular cigarettes and the user has little or no control over how much vapor the device produces or what flavorings they can purchase. Some give the user lots of control and allow almost limitless customization. This means that depending on the flavors used and the vape type, the amount of vapor inhaled,…show more content…
Some view vaping as a harmful and dangerous practice that will re-normalize smoking in the general population (and especially youth). Others view it as a much less harmful alternative to traditional smoking, taking a harm reduction approach.” Vaping is worse for your lungs and heart than not vaping at all, but vaping is better for your lungs and heart than smoking. It can be hard to be exactly sure what’s in each batch of vape juice. This is especially problematic with flavoring, where flavors may have compounds like diacetyl, which in large quantities causes “popcorn lung” and was ruled by OSHA as an inhalation…show more content…
It is added to "e-juice" liquid by some e-cigarette companies to complement flavorings such as vanilla, maple, coconut and more. So while diacetyl was swiftly removed from popcorn products since it could cause this devastating disease among factory workers, e-cigarette users are now directly inhaling this harmful chemical into their lungs. In fact, researchers at Harvard found that 39 of 51 e-cigarette brands contained diacetyl. The study also found two similarly harmful chemicals—2,3 pentanedione and acetoin—present in 23 and 46 of the 51 flavors it tested. And roughly 92 percent of the e-cigarettes had one of the three chemicals present.” “Electronic cigarettes, however, do not have the kind of ominous scent reminiscent of tobacco cigarettes. Part of it is because there is no combustion; part of it has to do with the vapor that evaporates almost immediately, because you are not exhaling smoke per

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