Vancouver's 2010 Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Games Bid

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Benefiting the host city with improved infrastructure, increased employment, and good public image, the Olympics have had, statistically, a positive economic effect on host cities from 1972 to 2000 (Preuß 5). In 1984, Los Angeles declared an economic surplus as a result of hosting the Olympic Games. The number of cities vying for ensuing bids has increased since 1984. Vancouver, considering these benefits, is actively pursuing the 2010 Winter Games Bid. Supported by Ottawa, the British Columbia provincial government, and the cities of Vancouver and Whistler, the Vancouver bid committee is spending thirty million dollars to finance the bid. The City of Vancouver, if awarded the bid, anticipates spending between two and six billion dollars in infrastructure improvement and revitalization costs (Menzies 16). New York City, competing with Moscow and Rome for the 2012 Olympic Games, may spend almost three billion dollars on facilities, housing, and other developments in an attempt to secure the bid (Bennett 38). The extreme costs highlight potential host cities' anticipation of increased tourism and new business opportunities. Despite the supposed benefits to the municipal and provincial economies, the Olympic Games accelerate globalization processes: the revitalization of core areas and development in financial, communications and service sectors. These transformations facilitate gentrification, the displacement of low-income housing and conversion to upper-class housing, accommodations, and businesses. The low-income residents of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside are, expressly, at risk of being evicted and/or relocated. Taking into account the vulnerability of the Downtown Eastside, Vancouver's Bid Committee, City Council, and c... ... middle of paper ... ...ian. "Homeless Displaced Low-Rent Motels Kick out Regulars and Jack Up Prices." The Province. 15 February 2002. Menzies, David. "Fool's Gold." Canadian Business. 75.21 (2002) : 16. Olds, Kris. "Hallmark Events, Evictions, and Housing Rights." International Development Research Center. (20 Nov. 2002) ---. "Urban Mega-Events, Evictions and Housing Rights: The Canadian Case." Bread not Circuses. (20 Nov. 2002) Preuß, Holger. "Rarely Considered Economic Aspects of Cities Hosting the Olympic Games." (20 Nov. 2002)

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