Values Of The American Government And Domestic Tranquility In America

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There are many things that the government does well. There are definitely flaws in the systems, but the government does its job of upholding the values espoused by the Enlightenment regarding the proper role of government. The government does establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, providing common defense, promoting the general welfare, and securing the blessing of liberty. Here are the facts on how the government provide these things and how it makes America healthy:
The first way the government upholds the values of the Enlightenment is by establishing justice. Establishing justice is the government 's legal system that makes fair decisions for its citizens. The American government has created 3 separate branches to function. These
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Well let’s start with the definition of domestic tranquility. Domestic tranquility means that the U.S Government must maintenance law. That means that the government keeps thing safe and tries to preserve family life and its attendants rights. ( Terms to Know). The main way the U.S upholds domestic tranquility is by providing armed forces. These armed forces include the Marines, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, etc. The government creates and uses these forces to make sure America and it’s people are completely safe. America’s armed forces keep us safe from outside factors like terrorists. Our armed forces do not act alone. We have our own forces in the U.S that protect and serve cities and towns. We have a police department to protect a town from crime, a fire department that helps prevents and stop fires and hospitals that cure and treat sick or injured people. We also have things like the three systems to make sure the government is doing it’s job properly and fairly. With our armed forces to our own forces, the U.S Government does provide domestic tranquility by providing us with teams that promise to keep ourselves and cities safe.
James Madison said in The Federalist Papers “the operations of the federal government will be most extensive and important in times of war and danger”
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What does this mean? This means that each citizen has good health, safety, morals and well being. ( Promoting General Welfare) There are many ways the U.S government tries its utmost hardest to provide general welfare. Some of these things include security, food laws, health care, education, etc. The government promotes general welfare by providing security because every citizen deserves protection and safety where they live. The U.S government provides protection with things such as police forces. The next example of general welfare is the food we eat. The U.S government makes things in our food legal and not legal for the sake of the people eating it. They do not want people to eat food that is complete chemicals. Though many foods do have chemicals and preservatives in it. We have a choice, we have choices between vegan food to organic food. Our government is trying to get rid of unhealthy choices, but also gives us healthy ones. The next one is health care. Though very controversial the U.S government is trying to give citizens affordable health care. Though in the process, they’ve accomplished some things. These include no co-pays on visits, low prices or free prescriptions, free shots, and birth control. Birth control has become an important thing lately. Now that it is more important, more people need it. But what if you do not have
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