Values Of Ethical Leadership

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Ethic considers the branch of philosophy that pursue to understand the nature, justification, drives., and creation values of moral instructions, and the systems they include. Ethics deals with values connecting to human behaviour. It concentrates on the right and wrong of actions. Ethics includes the decision-making procedure to do. It comprises how individuals decide to live within accepted limitations, principles. And values and how we live in agreement with the environment. George D.pozgar(2007)1. Ethical leadership:
Ethical leader is a leader who is ruled, and acts within a specific moral of behavior by a system of ethical morals. (Mayer, D,M.(2012)3. It expected from official leaders within organizations to catch the
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The level of ethical behavior for employee influence by ethical leadership. Employee’s within organization understand ethical expectation when they observing their leader’s behavior. (Bandura, 1977, 1986 ) (Brown et al., 2005 )2 . leaders have the ability to offer for employee’s rewards, upgrades, and a good work environment, Otherwise, employees are mostly expected to pay attention to their leader. Also, leaders communicate, and inform employees about the important of preserve ethics, and consider doing the right things when they face ethical dilemmas. (Berscheid, Graziano, Monson, & Dermer, 1979 )5
In addition, ethical leader treats employees in a good way. Training them equally in fair way. listening to their problems, and help them to overcome it. Also, approve to them that they are trustworthy, and thinking about employees’ benefits, and preference when they do making decisions (Brown et al., 2005)2 . In turn, employees are likely to perform desirable behavior to ethical leader, and offer for them more than they expected.
List of Ethical Issues in
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Diversity Issues
Responded ethically to diversity starts with recruiting, respecting, and treating a diverse work labor in a good way. Imposes an equal opportunity in all programs such as training program. The key component in business success is to maximize the value of contribution to each employees'
Decision-Making Issues:
The useful mode for discovering ethical dilemmas and classifying ethical courses of action is ethical decision-making "identifies an ethical issue, Know the evidences, assesses different actions, makes a assumption and tests it and compare it with the outcome."
Processes of ethical decision-making should focus on defending the right of employee and customer. And, making sure operations in all business are fair and unbiased.
In conclusion :
In today’s business environment, the success of a corporation significantly depends on the ethical behavior of its employees. Ethics is a basic part of leadership. Ethical leaders can lead employee in executing ethics in the organization. Also, ethical leader can encourage employees to perform, and act in ethical
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