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When it comes to choosing a major in college, it is important that you pick a major that you will enjoy working in for the some part of your life. How does one make that decision? There are several different factors that play a role in choosing a major; or there was for me at least. When I looked into business for my intended major the first thing that came to my mind was not if I was going to enjoy working in some kind of business environment because I already new I would like that. Instead I looked at other aspects or values that a business degree offers. More importantly, I looked at what concentration I wanted in business.

I chose the accounting side of business for several reasons. One reason is because I like to work with numbers. I enjoy setting up budgets and different types of financial statements and seeing of everything works together with that aspect of business. One of the values of being an accounting major is that the demand for accountants is high and it probably will not change. According to the website of the Princeton Review the accounting profession is to be growing very quickly and because of all the different types of accounting needed to fulfill the needs of various businesses, the need for an accountant will always be there (Basics). Another plus to obtaining an accounting degree from most other business degrees is according to the AICPA, an accounting degree is a degree that offers all ranges of possibilities in the business society. As well stated in a publication by the AICPA, "Accounting opens doors in every kind of business coast to coast." Accounting deals with the aspects of preparing financial statements and budgets for companies as well as other career path opportunities, but because ...

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...nvironments, the compensation of services, and the placement of trust in me are just a few of the values that I have that come with the major. Being an accountant is deemed to be a respectable field to go into and is also a path that I see that leads to career success.

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