Values And Values In Business Management

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Business management

Name: Szarathkumar
Surname: Jayakumar
Student number: 201470704

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3 Ethics in a business
Values in a business
4 Values in a business
Leadership in business
5 Leadership in business
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In this section of the assignment I will describe my understanding of the values and ethics involved in business sustainability. This benefits of good ethics and values and the important of ethics and values in business sustainability.
Ethics: can be defined in words of the persons and the moral code they are governed by.
Benefits of good ethics to the company are they create profitability, it gives the company a competitive edge and creates good reputation for the company.
Profitability is created when the employees are true to the company and don’t create corruption in the company thus creating a sense of reliability towards the company from the customers which in turn generates profit for the company. The profit generated produces revenue for the company that will help in funding the company in future endeavors.
Competitive edge can be described in this context as being reliable service or product. Reliable products or services can be created since the company has good ethic practicing employees it can assure that there won’t be any defects or problems. This in turn causes more customers to buy from the company and creates competition for other companies that advertise a similar product or service. The competitive edge makes the company more futuristic since they are always trying to create new products or services available for the consumer so this means they are leading that type of market. This creates stability in terms of there is always new products ...

... middle of paper ... the company.

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