Value and Meaning in Rober Nozick´s The Examined Life

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In Robert Nozick’s The Examined Life, he talks about his interpretations of the words in his chapter titled Value and Meaning and how we use their definitions in the dimension we know to be as reality. Value, defined by Nozick, is a word that gives an object meaning to a person or something that has one’s own intrinsic specialty. Meaning on the other hand, is defined to be having a connection beyond the boundaries of value. Both words can relate to each other and yet still have much more meaning than the definitions that are provided. Looking further into Nozick’s observations of value and meaning, there are parts of his supporting arguments that I support and others I face contradictions with. After going through the definitions in the chapter, we take them and we apply them to other objects and emotions in our lives and see what we can do to improve the meaning and value of each object. From here, we will truly learn more about the examined life in terms of value and meaning in our everyday lives. At the end of this analysis, we should further understand the meaning of the two words and be able to differentiate or relate one to the other.
Nozick supports his definition of value as objects that have meaning. He used paintings and works of art as an example to show how different colors and strokes of a brush on a canvas can give meaning to priceless works of art. Nozick also uses the term “organic unity” as a way to connect interrelations between paintings and how organs and tissues of a body help preserve life in a body. Other objects observed to have value are scientific theories that everyone appears to agree upon when we are told of them. Theories here are broken down as a type of unity in diversity. Here, we evaluate theor...

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... if there is a personal attachment to that object specifically. There has to be a special connection for something to have meaning and not value alone. Unfortunately, there is still some misunderstanding when it comes to value and its meaning because I still see value as a personal attachment as well which makes both words intertwine again. It’s still not clear how value can be represented through organic unity with all the complexity to make something exist. Value is what I still visualize as something of measurement or objects that have meaning in a non-personal manner. It should be a simple definition just like how we believe in theories thought of by scientist as well as religious faith. In the end, we accomplish the overall objective of evaluating the definitions and applying them to our life to see if we can provide more value and meaning in this case we did.