Value Values In Marketing

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Marketing is a form of communication between a seller and a consumer. During this conversation, the main objective of the seller should be to communicate the value of the service or the product that he or she wants to sell, and convince them that they either need or really want this product. Having the appropriate skills to transmit this message to the buyer is the key to a successful marketing carrier. Marketing is made of the four Ps, which are: the identification, selection, and development of the product, the determination of its price, the selection of a distribution channel to reach the consumer’s place, and the development and implementation of a promotional strategy. The basic focus of marketing is thinking about their clients and what are their need and desires. This is why the VALS method gives the advertisers an extra advantage when it comes to targeting the buyers because by dividing them in groups, they understand what each group of buyers looks for in a product.…show more content…
This system group’s consumer’s in order to predict their decisions when purchasing a product. First of all, lifestyle is a psychological, social and marketing term that attempts to crate a pattern and identify consumer decisions, and the factors used in the selection of products. The patterns that are found vary from beliefs, values, and interest in people’s lifestyle. As a result, these patterns reflect the beliefs, and interests of people. In marketing, VALS explains these patterns that arouse from the need to understand human behavior. People in their lives go through different stages, and each stage affects some aspects of their
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