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Value Objectivity Paper
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Counselors are held to strict standards that can cause ethical conflict with clients. Working as a professional counselor can be risky especially when it involves working with clients that are difficult to treat. Clients have their own belief system it is important counselors are aware of that, and don’t impose their own values and beliefs towards the client. I examined past research on belief systems and analyzed how ethical implications can cause dilemmas when a counselor expresses their values and beliefs onto a client. I provided steps counselors can take to make sure they are not in violation and ways to successfully work with clients who don’t
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Counselors can knowingly or unknowingly inflict values but doing so causes ethical dilemmas. If a counselor attempts to knowingly influence the attitudes, and beliefs of a client this is known as Value imposition.
Counselors need to recognize these shortcomings and remain professional and or possibly refer clients to other professionals when necessary. If counselors are aware of their own personal values this will keep them focused and keep them from harming the client. Having conflicting values does not mean that a counselor can’t work with a client it just means they will must proceed with caution. It is ok for the client to have a different value system and still work with them successfully. Before a counselor decides to refer a client to another professional they should first exhaust all options even if it means consulting with supervisor. According to Corey working within the framework of a client’s value system is what counseling is about, and will it be beneficial for the counselor.

A Counselor may have their own belief system and can find that they are in conflict because of their own bias and values. If a counselor finds they are having trouble working with a
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Julea was a counselor whose Christian faith did not permit her to work with a client who was in a same sex relationship. Julea no longer wanted to work with her client, and decided she was going to refer her to another professional to help her. The code of ethics prevented Julea from being able to refer her patient without being in violation. Julea was not pleased with this idea so she sued the school and took it all the way to court. This is a prime example of how imposing your own beliefs and values can cause ethical issues. If a counselor finds a client is challenging to work with there are a few different approaches they can take to get more out of the client. One important action a counselor can take is changing how the counselor interacts with the client. A publication on managing resistant clients found if counselors focus on organic interaction with the client and allow all course of actions to take place naturally this establishes a less resistant client and therapy is more effective.
There are several laws that protect clients and less, that protect counselors. In the past few years religious freedom has become more apparent and professionals are coming up with ways
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