Value Does Not Always Mean Monetary Worth

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Value Does Not Always Mean Monetary Worth I have moved countless times throughout my life whether I have wanted to or not. What has become easier with each move is deciding what I absolutely need and what I could do without. One thing that I have always kept with me is a soft, delicate gold bracelet that my parents had made with my name carved onto it, when I was just a baby. I think it was some sort of tradition my parents were attempting to have at that time, because my older brother also received a similar one when he was born. My parents probably did not realize at that time though that they would still have three more children after me, which is why the tradition ended pretty quickly. The earliest I recall wearing the bracelet was probably when I was around four years old when my family went out every Sunday. My dad worked in construction back then and had Sunday 's off so we would always spend the day as a family. I remember my mom would always dress me up in frilly pink dresses early in the morning, and she would never forget to put on the bracelet. She would constantly advise me not to take it off so I wouldn 't lose it, guess she didn 't trust me too much back then either. Then we would be off to morning mass at the Catholic Church. Since as a toddler I had a hard time concentrating on the service I would continuously find myself looking around the room. There was always a lot of saints decorating the room and many people singing and clapping enthusiastically all around me. After I got bored of staring at my surroundings I 'd begin to play with the clasp of my bracelet and the soft chain that was attached to the piece that held my engraved name. But once I managed to remove the bracelet from my wrist I found it too diff... ... middle of paper ... ...ould no longer wear it. I still keep it safe in my room though because it still jogs memories of my childhood that I often forget I had. I hope others with no prior experiences may think that because it 's made out of real gold I may be a bit materialistic which is the total contrary. I feel like this assumption would be the most inaccurate pertaining to my bracelet because if I were to wear it it would have to be because I wanted to not because I believe it would look flashier. If I hoped for others to receive any message from my object it would just be for them to believe it 's just that I preferred wearing it for myself some days instead of trying to make assumptions on my past or present. Because although some assumptions may be correct they may really affect the person 's day. This way I wouldn 't feel offended of an unnecessary comment from a total stranger.

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