Value Chain Analysis: Mcdonald's Egg White Mcdonalds

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1. Immediate Competition: McDonalds McCafe is the immediate competition. Starbucks increased offerings to the core morning crowd offering new healthier breakfast sandwiches. This was in response to McDonalds Egg White McMuffin.

2. Impending Competition: Dunkin Donuts offers a few similarities that make it impending competition. Its coffee is offered at lower prices. Their brand is well recognized and their products can be purchased in stores.

3. Invisible Competition: Kuerig’s speculated joint venture with Coca Cola is invisible competition. Starbucks has branched into Coca-Cola has a sustained customer base in carbonized drinks

4. Overall Assessment (Summary):

Although many brands such as McDonald’s
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Criteria: A value chain analysis provides information relative to primary (inbound/outbound logistics, operations, marketing & sales, and service) and secondary (firm infrastructure, human resources management, technological developments and procurement) activities. (Follow guidelines in the PPT-Week 5 Assignment folder).

Primary Activities
• Inbound Logistics
The inbound logistics for Starbucks refers to selecting the investing in the finest quality of coffee beans to meet consumers needs. By 2012, new-coffee farming was developed in Costa Rica, Columbia and China.
• Operations
Starbucks operates in globally in various forms, which include Starbucks Coffee, Teavana, and Seattle’s best. According to our text, the company expanded 20,000 stores in 64 countries averaging 70 million customers weekly.
• Outbound Logistics
Their products are sold in their own stores or licensed partners. They are also found within whole foods. There isn’t much more on these logistics.
• Marketing and Sales
Starbucks marketing and sales can be seen throughout social media. Promotions are particularly high when seasonal drinks arrive. Their brand identification that is recognized worldwide is their

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