Valuable Skills Learned from Becoming a Tennis Canada Certified Instructor

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Is a teacher’s only job teaching information? Notoriously this profession is known for its teaching, but in many cases teachers also learn. As a Tennis Canada Certified Instructor, I have had the privilege of teaching and learning with my first job. Teaching Tennis has taught me many valuable skills that I will take forward in the future. These skills include the certification process, organization, the understanding of different learning styles, and responsibility.
Playing tennis both recreationally and competitively throughout my youth brought me an accessible and outstanding first job. At the age of 16 I took part in a forty eight hour course to become eligible for my Tennis Canada Instructor certification. This lengthy process taught me many valuable skills regarding the certification process. After being taught the various methods and skills needed to be a tennis instructor the participants in my course and I were tested. I first took a written exam and then had to complete a demonstrative lesson with the course facilitator. Preparing for this examination was very difficult and required a lot of time and effort. The techniques I used for both studying and learning the material can be used often in my near future. High school exams use these skills as well. I use the same techniques to remember the information for my exams now and will continue to in my future. Also, having a practical exam taught me the importance of confidence. Having previously studied all of the necessary information this course showed me that being confident and trusting yourself can pay off. In my future I will likely have certification programs in graduate school for Kinesiology. Therefore, the skills I have learned in the certification process are ve...

... middle of paper ... solely responsible for. I am a member of the Tennis Professionals Association here in Canada which provides me with $2 million dollars of liability insurance. This insurance shows the type of responsibility an instructor needs to be safe and professional. It is my job to ensure that the students are always learning in a safe and controlled environment to avoid injuries. This type of responsibility has really helped me grow my personal responsibility on and off the court. In my future I will use my responsibility to be someone people can count on and trust.
Coaching tennis has been a very valuable experience for me. As my first job it has taught me several valuable skills including the certification process, organization, learning styles and responsibility. I am positive that I will use all of these skills in my future and am confident in my abilities for each.
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