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Essay In this unit we had been reading the book ‘The Thirty-Nine Steps’ writen by John Buchan, till now we had read from chapter one ‘The man who died’ to chapter six ‘The bald writter’; in this chapers Richard Hannay, the principal character, is the one that tells us the story, that means that the story is writen in first person. He tell us about the very interesting story of Franklin P. Scudder, at the beginning, but then he was murdered and Hannay thought he was obligated to continue investigating about Scudder’s story and find an answer, but it is not that easy, because ‘his enemies’, that first was Scudder’s enemies, ‘chase him night and day through the hills of Scotland’. The story of this book is taking place in london and Scotland. I choose these essay to be an opinion essay where I’m going to, obviosly, give my opinion of the chapters we had read till now. As I already mention in the introduction, Franklin P. Scudder was murdered; he was murdered in Hannays flat and there was no clues of how was the murderer and when Hannay sees Scudder there in the floor with a knife trou...

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