Valancia Darelus Case Study

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Valancia Darelus, born in Port-Aux-Prince, Haiti on October 22, 2015. Raised by a very strong single mother who insisted that her daughter would not struggle like she did. Enide Cassandra worked as hard as she could to raise 2 girls on her own and to later pay to bring not only herself, but both of her girls to the U.S. for a better life. Valancia and her sister has always been very different, while the sister was the oldest, she acted as if she was the youngest, always in trouble, never took anything serious, rare to find a B or even C on her report card, and put all the house duties on Valancia. Valancia who loves her mom so much and didn’t want her mom upset all the time was literally the opposite of her older sister. Valancia went to 4…show more content…
She went home for winter break and when she came back everything changed. When she came back she didn’t want to be a part of the program anymore because it required too much “work”. She talked to some of her friends, and they gave her all the reasons why she should do it and how it can help in the near future. Valancia listened and decided she was going to take chance. That moment is a moment that Valancia wouldn’t change even if she could. She decided to do all that she had to be a great PC member and that in turn helped her more than anything. She has learned to be on time from the program. The “work” that she had to do for the program has helped her be a better student, helped her communicate and create a bond with her professors, helped her with studying, and helped her with socializing. She’s learning to break out of her shell and open to others who are willing to get to know her and accept her for who she is. This is the story of Valancia Darelus, and she wouldn’t change not one part of it because everything about her is shaping to be the great women that she and her mother wants her to
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