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Vague Thesis: How my brain keeps trying to make me go to college. I like a lot of people didn’t go to college straight out of High School. I took a year off. I did nothing. I went to school for a semester and realized I couldn’t pay for it and that what I thought I had wanted to do my whole life sucked and I hated it. No harm, no foul, move on. Except I can’t. My brain won’t let me. I, like a lot of people, didn’t go to college straight out of High School. It wasn’t on my agenda. After High School I took a year off and did nothing except make a little money babysitting, sleeping in, and there were about two months where I took up jogging. The following summer I felt this ping in my stomach when I saw pictures online of people getting ready to go back to college. So far in my life I hadn’t liked school but there was this part in my head that said I only didn’t like it because I couldn’t choose what I wanted to do. Until now I had avoided the idea of going to college except now online school was a thing. That lasted a year. First, I didn’t have the money to go. Second,…show more content…
In theory I love learning about literature, history, space, and anything else. College could offer me classes where we deeply explore topics that were off the menu for my small town High School. In reality, I only love learning what I want to learn. Whether it’s reading about the entire history of the poptart or the first woman pugilist. That’s not wanting an education though. That’s wanting to know who to thank in my nightly prayers for poptarts and who to praise for being a badass lady in the 1700s. Wanting to learn is human. There’s more to an education than learning about specific topics though. Education should be well rounded. Not only should you know about the poptart, you should know about the timeline of breakfast foods and breakfast customs and you should know what it means to your specific study field. And I don’t
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