Vaccines And Its Effects On Children

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In recent years, America has seen the reemergence of diseases that were proven to be preventable due to modern medicine and vaccines. These diseases that were once nearly eradicated are reemerging mainly because of the recent trend to not vaccinating children. The support behind this trend is that vaccines cause more harm than good, and lead to other diseases such as Autism. These ideals however have no factual evidence to support them as no scientific body has been able to find A connection with vaccines and Autism. While not vaccinating a child could lead them to getting horrible disease a non-vaccinated child also puts those around them at risk. A single outbreak of a disease such as the measles can infect thousands of people vaccinated or not. Although many parents are refusing to vaccinate their children due to moral or religious beliefs, this is an irresponsible practice as it is causing diseases such as Polio, Measles, Diphtheria, and Pertussis to reemerge; therefore a national decision needs to be made in order to make vaccinations mandatory.
A vaccination works by building up the immune system early to be able to respond better and faster to the disease. This practice works because a vacation is basically a less virulent strand of a disease that your immunity system can easily deal with. Human beings has a special immunity system that can remember a diseases and how to fight that disease. The cells responsible for this are Plasma cells that can produce certain memory cells to remember how to fight a certain pathogen or disease. With the immune system already introduced to the disease it will be able to respond faster and more effectively to threats against the body. Vaccinations are a safe and effective way to prevent di...

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...ases of Polio, Measles, Diphtheria, and Pertussis have been occurring more and more often. These diseases all have preventative vaccines that had almost eradicated them from the United States; however, as parents refuse to vaccinate their children, all progress that the medical industry had made to control these deadly killers has been lost. Though many parents exempt their children from vaccinations for religious and medical reasons, every child exempt adds to the growing risk of infection. In addition, the parents who chose not to vaccinate based on the fear that vaccines cause autism are not only wrong and misinformed, but are also the main cause for the growing anti-vaccine epidemic. Before any more people have to die, before any more children have to die, vaccines need to be made mandatory in order to stop entirely preventable diseases from taking any more lives.