Vaccination Pros And Cons

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Vaccinations: Infected or Protected?
Measles in the Magic Kingdom

One of the most impactful and controversial discoveries in the medical community since the 1790s, vaccinations, have eradicated more than seven diseases and are continuously implemented in the prevention of more than five million deaths annually. While perpetually important over the past two centuries, most recently the topic of vaccinations has transitioned to the forefront of public debate surrounding the differing cultural perspectives among pro-vaccination and anti-vaccination members. These arguments derived from tendentious topics including individual personal rights in contrast to comprehensive public health, the applicability of religious, philosophical and medical exemptions, and the extent of government authority in safety versus
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Specifically, the analysis will examine the inconsistent documented justifications that are associated with the anti-vaccination movement and concurrently persuade both the primary audience and secondary audiences of the necessity to address potential policy changes that could be implemented to reassure herd immunity, and avoid the reemergence of eradicated diseases. In addition, the presence of red-herring and cherry-picking anti-vaccination fallacies that eventuate from their evidential support against the pro-vaccination approach of mandated vaccines will be evaluated and juxtaposed with the resulting logos that scientific studies of correlations between vaccinations and Measles presents to exemplify that the decision to vaccinate is more compelling and safer than the organization of Disease

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