Vaccinated Pros And Cons

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Parents today need to take a step and do what is best for their child. Parents know the importance of keeping their child safe; they will ensure this protection by investing in baby gates, car seats, and the most new and improved stroller. However, what many parents do not know is that vaccinations are one of the best ways to protect your child. Many parents have been skeptical in getting their child immunized, but there are definitely more pros to vaccinations than there are cons. Those with the opposing view have their concerns of why their children should not be vaccinated, but there is a lot of evidence and long-term health benefits for those who do. Although there are only a very small percentage of children who do not get vaccinated,…show more content…
There is a myth that doctors and medical staff push and promote vaccinations because they earn a profit. This statement is false. It is actually very expensive to give vaccinations to patients, but it is worth it. In the long run, getting your child vaccinated as early as you can will save a lot of money. “The CDC estimates that vaccinations will prevent more than 21 million hospitalizations and 732,000 deaths among children born in the last 20 years.” ( Imagine all the fees. If someone refused to get vaccinated and caught a disease or virus later, they are going to have to put a lot of money out. Medical bills, treatments, hospital visits, and medication prices will begin to add up and cost even more than the getting a vaccine. If there are long-term effects for a child who had a disease or virus, then purchases such as adaptive devices and special education requirements will have to be made as well. For most families the cost of vaccines should not be an issue either because most insurance cover

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