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Almost everyone desires to get away from the grind of everyday responsibilities and take a break from whatever home responsibilities there may be. Jobs are stressful and can be monotonous which may fuel the desire to take a break. Young children are usually out of school for different breaks during the school year, for summer vacation therefore taking a family vacation is a tradition for most families. There are a variety of details to consider when deciding to take a vacation such as: the cost of the vacation, the destination and the time of year for travel. Traveling anywhere from home may be considered a vacation, yet traveling overseas and traveling within the United States can be compared according to the amount of planning involved, evaluation of finances needed and consideration of timing.
One of the things in planning a vacation is determining a destination whether it is overseas or in the US. The world is vast thus there are many different places to choose from. In planning for international travel, flying is automatically a factor as is obtaining or renewing passports. International travel is an opportunity to learn about different cultures and meet different individuals. It also involves more safety considerations due to unrest in some European nations and countries, past and possible future incidents involving actions taking by terrorists. Another type of vacation involves traveling within the US due to fact that many people have lake houses or beach houses that are readily accessible by driving. This type of vacation involves less planning because the vacation property is already established, thus the destination is determined. However, a “bigger” style vacation may be an idea that some families embark on. If traveli...

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... or overseas is planned, the time of year and consideration of the climate taking a vacation influences “peak times” of travel where hotels and other facilities are generally more crowded. Most people have to travel when they are allowed to take vacation days from their job and when children are not in school. Unfortunately this type of travel usually falls into the “peak times” where airlines, hotels, resorts and restaurants take fiscal advantage of tourists.
After comparing the various factors that travel encompasses, such as the initial planning, financial review and timing of the trip; a memorable vacation is feasible, whether it is in the US or overseas. Whatever journey is embarked upon, with proper planning, budgeting and time off, vacations are a wonderful to get way from everyday responsibilities and will create life-long memories for all parties involved.

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