Vacation Of The Walt Disney World Resort In Orlando, Florida

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Working incessantly for numerous hours a week, tending to the children, preparing healthy meals, and trying to remain a normal human being often takes a toll on many of us. Vacation time allows us to unwind, have fun, create everlasting memories, and remove ourselves from the stressors of everyday life that tend to exhaust us. Many vacation destinations are home to amusement parks that compete to receive your hard earned cash, but the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida is the location of the finest theme parks in the world. Walt Disney World is home to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios that provide high quality attractions, unbelieveable character experiences, signature fine dining, and outstanding cast members…show more content…
The Walt Disney World theme parks are home to your typical “theme park food”, but also table service restaurants and signature fine dining. After enjoying a day of rides with my son, I decided to go to Epcot for dinner. I had made a reservation at a hibatchi restaurant called Teppan Edo in Japan which was a country in the World Showcase. My mouth watered with the sight of seasonal vegetables, wafu ribs, and spicy udon noodles sitting at the table next to us. The light in my sons eyes as the rice slowly formed the outline of Mickey Mouse and the onions began to look like a volcano was enough to get him excited about eating the vegetables which he would never eat at home. The noodles slid from our chopsticks everytime we would try to take a bite and my son would giggle and try again. This experience of hibatchi in an amusement park is one that you could not find at competing amusements parks in which the closest to a table service restaurant you would find at Six Flags is the burger joint Johnny Rockets. The delectable food at the table service restaurants at the Walt Disney World have food that can suit the palette of the pickiest of eaters also known as children. In addition to the table service restaurants, Walt Disney World amusement parks also have signature fine dining establishments. I dined with…show more content…
On the fourth day of my vacation with my son, we visited Animal Kingdom and from the corner of my eye I spotted Mickey Mouse in a safari explorer outfit meeting guests. My son ran as fast as he could and hugged Mickey. Mickey began to walk hand and hand my son to the Tree of Life, which was the hub of the park, and wanted to take photos together in front of it. At first they did a side by side photo, then a hugging shot, and then a “looking out into the distance” photo. This type of interaction with the characters made my son so excited and it is this type of interaction with characters that does not happen at other theme parks in which the closest you will get is a high

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