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VH1 Save the Music Foundation in an organization found in 1997 by comprises of a dedicated board and committed staff, who work to fulfill the Foundation's mission of restoring music education in the United States. There are also a variety of musicians, singers, athletes and celebrities, whom are ambassadors for the organization. They are a non-profit organization that want to keep/ restore the music in America's public schools, and raise the awareness about the importance of music as part of a child's education. To do this VH1 Save The Music Foundation purchases new musical instruments to restore musical programs that have been shutdown due to budget cut or at risk of being shutdown. They have currently funded $51 million in new musical instruments in 1,900 public schools. Paul Cothran, Vice President and Executive Director of VH1 Save The Music, has said “We believe that students who study musical instruments improve in academic subjects and are more engaged in school. Studying music also helps students develop self-expression and discipline and learn about teamwork” (New York Times). VH1 Save the Music also conducts awareness campaigns, musical instruments drives and fundraising events, sometimes they sponsor public school concerts. It is also possible for students and young adults to adults to become members. Student members have to be twenty years or younger of age and have donated or raised twenty-five dollars to support music, and Young adults have to twenty-one year or older of age and donate one hundred dollars annually. Student that have donated will receive a VH1 Save the Music t-shirt and pin. Partnerships and sponsorships are also available, there are numerous benefits for being either a partner or s... ... middle of paper ... ...e in easier for students to make friends, who have the similar interest making what would a difficult experience and more comfortable. Works Cited "The Benefits of Music Education." PBS. 23 June 2012. PBS. 20 Jan. 2014 . "Home | VH1 Save the Music Foundation." Home | VH1 Save the Music Foundation. 27 June 2005. 16 Jan. 2014 . "Links to Composers of the Classical Period." THE HISTORY OF MUSIC. 22 Apr. 2002. 20 Jan. 2014 . Shirrane, Robert. "Music History 102." Music History 102. 1 Feb. 2001. 21 Jan. 2014 . "Why Is Music Education Important?" Why Is Music Education Important? 24 Aug. 2005. 22 Jan. 2014 .

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