V For Vendetta Setting Analysis

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Analyse how the settings of the visual or oral text(s) supported the action. The film, V for Vendetta, directed by James McTeigue set in between 2028 and 2028 the settings were used to support the action of V wanting revenge on the government, by blowing up the Parliament. Throughout the film, V shows the audience why she would of wanted to carry out this plan and this is through the use of symbolic settings. The three settings that were prominent in convey the action were the Larkhill which showed how the people being discriminated felt against the government, London which showed how the people of London felt and how the Chancellor treated the community and finally Gordon’s house which showed rebelling against the government. At Larkhill,…show more content…
Chancellor Sutler is the leader of the London government and the setting of London helps us get a better understanding of how Sutler is leading a dystopian society. This dystopian society is a very big impact on why V is wanting revenge on the government. In this society, there are many banned items, for example, certain pieces or art, butter, and god save the queen. 7 pm is the curfew for the citizens which takes away a lot of the freedom from the citizens. All of these bannings and curfews supported V wanting to have revenge on the government as he felt as if this was totally unfair. When Chancellor Sutler is talking on the BTN a panorama is used. As the panorama is panning across all the people watching Sutler we see the facial expression of the people which shows fear, sadness, and discomfort. This shot helps to support the action of why V would want revenge, if the people are unhappy with what the government is doing then something will need to be done about it. At the end of the film when V was blowing up parliament, all the people of London were dressed up with the Guy Fawkes mask on. When the masks were lifted off we saw the faces of people who had been killed by the government. The support that was shown to V while he was blowing up parliament shows us that V’s revenge was for the good of all people and it was needed to be done. During the film, Butter said, “when we catch this terrorist we will show him what terror really means”. This quote shows how culture has no respect for his people and he won't listen to what the citizens have to say. Sutler gives no right for the free trail so to get around this V had to do evil to do good. McTigues purpose of this part of the film was to focus on current events that are happening in our world today. Islamophobia in America is a big problem people are having to face, people have been discriminated because of their religion. According to

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