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Why does it matter who the character is behind a mask? Why does it matter who V is? In Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta, we learn about the character V. Although, the graphic novel can be read to its entirety, the reader will never know of V’s true identity. Even though there is no evidence behind the identity of V’s character, the reader may believe as if they have already met the person behind the mask. Regardless of who the reader may think is behind the mask, the identity of V and the person behind the mask really matters. Therefore the mystery behind the mask can add more meaning to the story. Although V’s identity seems to be just a person behind the mask, there are many layers underneath the mask. An identity is clearly established at the beginning of the novel when V appears at the interrogation of Evey as an appearance of Guy Fawkes. Like Guy Fawkes, V is willing to go to any lengths for his beliefs. This description certainly fits, because both Fawkes and V would do anything in their power to make sure the current rule was abolished. Even though V seems to have the same simil...

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