Utopia College Idea

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What is the point of college?”, an essay by Kwame Appiah, in the New York Times Magazine provides a view into two divergent college experiences. The first college, known as, “Utility U” focuses on the financial aspect of college, how these individuals will contribute back to the economy after graduating, and what careers they may be eligible for. The goal of this type of college is to simply graduate and begin a career. The second college concept “Utopia U” focuses on students trying to find their purpose in life, or “the pursuit of happiness, it’s a liberal arts college experience. The point of college is to receive a degree and have a more promising future. Although, students spend several thousand dollars to attend college the end result is worth the hassle. College can be a time to find one’s true self but in the end we are all here for one reason, to graduate.…show more content…
During said lecture he discussed Descartes. Many students were intrigued by his words. Previously the answer to his question had been clear, the point of college was to learn. However, today with numerous advancements and changes to the educational world, the answer isn’t so simple. As higher education grows, so does the exploration of its atmosphere and purpose. With a great number of students enrolling in both two and four-year college alike the question remains what’s the point of going to college? What is the reason most students go to college? What are they looking to get out it? Although the author touched base on these concepts they are not the only college experiences out there. There and severe different educational
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