Utopia As A Dystopia

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There's no such thing as a Utopia because a perfect world to some is a nightmare to others. A utopia is “any visionary system of political or social perfection”(Utopia). However a dystopia is “a society characterized by human misery, as squalor, oppression, disease, and overcrowding.”(Dystopia). In most dystopian societies they are disguised as utopias, and made out to be better than they are. In 1984 the people of Oceania are constantly monitored, and brainwashed to believe they are living the perfect world. They are told different lies everyday to just accept them as true. They are also constantly being made unintelligent with new languages and words being eliminated from their vocabulary. When mobsters are inducted into the Mafia they are treated as in the Mafia is their new family and the Mafia is supposed to be put in front of everything else in your life. In return of all these requirements the members are given money and power . Oceania and the Mafia both make their members believe that they are living in the perfect world, but this is false because of Oceania’s vaporization of citizens who may commit crimes and the Mafia’s murder of members who leave or put something ahead of it.Utopias always end up failing in one way or another,but Oceania and the Mafia fail because of their constant surveillance. In Oceania the Outer Party both make an effort to make the proles believe that they are living and a perfect world but that is far from the truth. In 1984 the Outer Party works to change history and make proles believe that things are better than they really are. During the novel Winston remembers being promised something, then has to change history to change what the promise stated, and all the proles believed is as true,... ... middle of paper ... ... I didn't recognize them, but they were waving a gun. In that moment I realized that I would suffer the same faith as Pinuccio Di Leo(A former member that he murdered). The police saved my life.”(Tondo). Avola had been being watched his entire criminal career, and right when he was arrested men were there reminding him not to talk and plotting to murder him. Mafia members live constantly being watched, and in fear of being killed. There is no such thing as a perfect world, for that to be the case everyone would have to have the exact same mindset. No matter how excellent a perfect world seems, there will always be drawbacks that make is a dystopia. There will always be drawbacks to a perceived utopia. Whether you are in the Mafia making loads of money,or live in Oceania as a Prole who loves Big Brother, a dystopia will always emerge from the so-called perfect world.

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