Utopia And Dystopias In 1984

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Nobody knows what the world will look like in the future. In fact many people might think that the world is going downhill. The societies that we live in could become cold, pollution filling the air and streets, and people becoming miserable and ignorant. A utopia is, “an ideal place or state” (“utopia”). In reality, utopias become dystopias very quickly. A dystopia is “a society characterized by human misery, as squalor, oppression, disease, and overcrowding” (“dystopia”). These ideas perfectly describe the society in which the characters in 1984, by George Orwell, live in. Orwell’s purpose of this book was to warn the world to change their ways because people were blindly following leaders like Hitler and Stalin. The characters in 1984 as well as people in real life situations, such as the MOVE organization, believe they are living in a utopia. MOVE is a group of people from Philadelphia who all lived under one roof together. Their biggest belief was that society was wrong for supporting the government and that it was the government’s fault for all the world’s problems. Their strong beliefs turned violent so the Philadelphia police dropped a bomb on their house. Utopias become dystopias because the world being “perfect” actually turns into more problems than before, turning it into a dystopia. For example, if everyone got rid of their cars, they would not be able to leave the society, and if nature is destroyed to build entertainment centers to keep people happy, that process would cause a lot of pollution. It is very difficult to maintain a utopian vision because everyone has a different utopia. One person’s utopian vision could be the exact opposite of another person’s utopian vision. No matter how hard the government tries, t... ... middle of paper ... ... is totally different. It is truly impossible for the world to be a perfect place. It could be better, but never perfect. The ideas of a totalitarian style government is a scary thought and the only way for a totalitarian leader to be successful is for them to believe that perfection is possible and enforce it to the people. If the leader was given the chance to rule the society, they control the people. Society will become weak and ignorant just like in 1984 and during the time of the MOVE organization. If someone were to seek perfection in their society, there would be consequences for sure. Between 1984 and the MOVE organization, the people inside of the groups believe that they are living the greatest life they can, but in reality, they are truly living their lives in a dystopic way from ideas such as propaganda, uniform expectations, and a worshipped figurehead.

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