Utopia And Dystopia In Society

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We are being bombarded with news every single day. News such as natural disasters that are going on around the world and new allegations on Trump. Media has enough power to influence society today. The media is responsible for the poor way climate change is being presented to the public. Author Revkin further supports this by saying that scientists focus on more dramatic predictions. Author Segal also supports this because he says utopia and dystopia can be found in many cases. The media does a poor job in presenting climate change to the public. The pressure on the media is to entertain and preserve viewership therefore, choose to show only what might benefit them the most. The media is mostly focused on earnings and their audience. Journalist Revkin mentions An Inconvenient Truth. Al Gore shows that the effects of climate change will be detrimental to all if immediate action isn’t being done. It is being portrayed as the most disastrous film (228). Concepts are exaggerated to attract readers’ attention because their main goal is to sell. Revkin also supports this by saying that it is becoming more challenging because the media is pressured to make profits and appeal to consumers. (243) Scientists don’t establish framework when informing the public of the effects of climate change. This drives them to make individual justifications on any information given to them. Author Segal supports this by saying that it is common for society to turn to utopia and dystopia. Segal mentions that utopia and dystopia is shown in the IPCC. Segal says that IPCC’s report on emissions scenarios all foresee extreme shortening of income gaps in rich and poor countries (126). They assume that trends will remain and will survive. He... ... middle of paper ... .... The media is liable to how the public grasps this information therefore, are making an effort to change. Media surrounds us and is growing as we speak. They play an important role in how news and current events are being distributed throughout the world. The media is held accountable for how society views climate change, but continues to be unsuccessful. They fail to present information meticulously due to the fact that scientists don’t include or don’t include enough context. The media isn’t successful in explaining climate change to society. They do a poor job of presenting climate change because scientists are incapable of providing the proper narrative. The public relies on the media to understand to the best of their ability. People will continue to turn to news stations and the internet to research therefore, it is necessary for the media to improve.

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