Utilization Of An Assistant In Nursing Case Study

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The purpose of this essay will be to discuss how the utilisation of an Assistant in Nursing (AIN) in provision of patient cares under the direction and supervision of the registered can have positive impact on the patient care and how can it help to achieve desired patient outcome. In this essay firstly role of (AIN) will be discussed along with the scope of practice and duties. Discussion on how (AIN) can help registered nurse to achieve desired goals in the patient outcome and care provision will be presented. Responsibilities of a registered nurse when working with AIN will be discussed and it will be explained how these duties are in accordance with the NMBA competencies which nurses are abide by. Limitations of the positive side of the…show more content…
Some studies suggest that there could be decrease of even up to 86% of medication errors when AIN’s work in collaboration with registered nurses as registered nurses have more time to concentrate on the critical care of patient and medication provision (Jacob, Mckenna & Amore, 2013). When Assistant in Nursing undertake lower level duties, registered nurses have more time to meet higher level of patient needs this could result in improved quality. Practice managers and nurses report that AIN’s can bring great benefit for their practices and can reduce waiting time for the patients as they help nurses to answer call bells which in turn help nurses to save time and concentrate on other important tasks (Jacob, Mckenna & Amore, 2013). Assistant in nursing help nurses to provide continuity in care especially in giving pressure area care to the patients and maintaining toileting regime. AIN’s also help nurses to transfer patients from one ward to another (Jacob, Mckenna & Amore, 2013). Assistant in nursing can cultivate better therapeutic relationship with patients and can help nurses to gather necessary information about the patient (Bosley & Dale, 2008). Assistant in nursing can have better understanding of the cultural and social context of the patient than nurses and these could be valuable in promoting communication and providing care to the…show more content…
RN should be aware of the five rights of delegation that are right task, right circumstances, right person, right direction or communication ( Potter, Deshields & Kuhrik, 2010). These rules can guide registered nurses to effective delegation. Nurse should always check for workplace policy or guidelines to ensure effective delegation. Registered nurse should always ensure that the tasks allocated to AIN should be in their scope of practice ( Potter, Deshields & Kuhrik, 2010). Registered nurse should always clarify role of AIN to avoid any work related issues. Registered nurse should always be mindful of the caring needs of the patients and make care plan according to the needs; it must be discussed with AIN, before starting work ( Potter, Deshields & Kuhrik, 2010). In order to make skill mix nursing effective workplace should have policies on delegation or they should provide education to the nurses for effective delegation or nurse can access journal articles to understand delegation better. Work place can also organise discussions or meetings to educate nurses on effective
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