Utilitarianism's Downfall: The Problem Of Injustice Essay

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UTILITARIANISM’S DOWNFALL: THE PROBLEM OF INJUSTICE 903834351 Utilitarianism’s Downfall: The Problem of Injustice Utilitarianism has several concerns, but perhaps the most disturbing concern is the problem of injustice. Imagine a world where you are sometimes required to kill an innocent person. At certain times, utilitarianism requires that we commit serious injustices in order to maximize well-being. In this paper, I will argue that because utilitarianism requires us to commit these injustices, it cannot be accepted as a good moral theory. The theory of utilitarianism can be described as the combined theories of consequentialism, to do as much good as possible, and hedonism, the only thing that is intrinsically good is happiness. Together,…show more content…
This premise states that the correct moral theory will never require us to commit serious injustices. Utilitarians object to this by saying it is sometimes okay to ignore justice if an act is optimific; while it is important to have justice, well-being is the most important outcome. Utilitarians say that in cases of exemplary punishment where several lives were saved and only one taken, we should view this as the right option. My response is that this objection seems to make the utilitarian’s procedural method inconsistent. At times, justice is to be ignored and sometimes considered. While utilitarians respond by saying “when the results are optimific, injustice is to be ignored,” they do not say exactly which injustices should be ignored or how to count the amount of well-being produced. How do we measure if the well-being outweighs the injustice? It is as if a game has been left for us to play, but no rules are given. Utilitarianism gives us a procedure, but they do not include the measurements. This seems inconsistent, and therefore utilitarians now need a new procedure to tell us how to measure out well-being and injustice. Once we can do this, then we can determine if an injustice ought to be

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