Utilitarianism In The Mone

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Everyday most Americans that are able to hold a job, go to work for a source of income. Typically, full time employes in the workforce work on average forty hours a week. Some people go to work receiving more money than their coworkers, friends, and even family depending on their hourly or salary pay. Fortunately, the economy in America is steadily improving from years past, leading to more unoccupied positions that need to be filled by workers, however still the unemployment rate is still lower than it used to be. For example, if someone made ten dollars for every hour they work, by the end of the week that person would earn four hundred dollars before taxes are taken out by insurance and the government. In most circumstances the money that is made goes towards bills and other miscellaneous stuff, but most times there is some spending money left over from the paycheck. One day you are approached by a man on the street who obviously appears homeless, shows clear signs of starvation and will die without some amount of money. The…show more content…
Utilitarianism requires us to do whatever promotes the good for the rest of society. An example that could be used, is killing one person to save five people is better because you have saved five lives. When faced with the decision to either donate ten dollars or let someone die, by letting someone die you are only benefiting one person, yourself. The only person that will receive some type of benefit by letting that person die, is the same person that just ruined the lives that were touched by the death of another. Something so small as ten dollars just ended a person 's life because you wanted a new item to call yours. The rest of society didn’t benefit from this, and surely the family of the deceased did not benefit from your decision. Going against utilitarianism because it didn’t promote any positive influences or interactions for the rest of
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