Using the Phone while driving

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Even though talking on a cellular phone while driving effects how a person drives, text messaging is consider the most dangerous effect. In studies from scholarly authors, a variety of authors discuss about the differences between text messaging while driving versus conversing while driving, fatality rate caused by automobile accidents due to cell phone usage, and impairing of texting and talking while driving using participants. Though, some people would say the discoveries among authors are just concerns, but these discoveries are serious and driver should consider the concerns because operating a cellphone while driving can cause accidents on roadways. Understanding the discoveries of texting and talking while driving will help prevent accidents. Throughout the articles the researchers goal is simply for drivers to understand the effects of using a cellular phone while driving and help driver stop talking and text messaging while driving.

You would think that talking while driving is more dangerous than text messaging. But the difference between texting while driving versus conversing while driving, text messaging is the most dangerous because of the amount of time spent looking away from the road (Hosking and Young 2007). Past researchers like Curry (2002) would disagree, but agree with Millman who quotes, “The critical issue is the mental load—or “driver distraction” –that conducting conversation may impose on vehicle operators (Millman).” The mental load is information from a conversation that is too much for the driver can handle, after hanging up from a conversation. Although, the mental load or conversation on cell phone is dangerous, but again others will disagree with the fact of conversing is more risky than t...

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