Using Technology to Increase Academic Success

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Technology has been an integral part of society for years. People use all sorts of technology (computers, smartphones, iPod’s, etc.) for tasks of daily living. Beyond everyday tasks, such as technology, improves academic success is what the next work will be discussed. “There is a pressure on schools to adapt to the new technology, the same impulse drives that teacher, like anyone else, to use computers in their everyday lives” (Culling, F, Cedric, H, Nusrat, 2009, p.18). Having knowledge in technology helps professionally. This knowledge coupled with a good education provides a new range of opportunities. For years, different research’s study how technology help with the academic success. These days’ people can find technology on libraries, education centers, and home. They got the convenient access to technology; how this help to achieve an academic success strives on the combination of technology, teachers, and the education system.

Education is part of our life and it is changing year after year. Schools are measure by academic achievement every year. The state used exams to measure the academic achievement of schools and also evaluate them. “And while standardized test scores continue to be the measurement du jour, the use of technology is having an equally positive impact in helping students gain necessary 21st century skills that serve to advance learning engagement, and prepare students for life and work” (ISTE, 2008, p.7). It is important to note that an integral part of student achievement are the teachers and the curriculum offered by the institution. Teacher with knowledge of technology combine with a good curriculum give the students the tools they need to succeed. “Many teachers use technology not becaus...

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