Using Social Media Platforms in Marketing

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Internet technology has brought a lot of changes in the world of marketing where security of the information is guaranteed. Most business in the global market seeks to move with the latest trends in the global market. This is because they want to create the needed knowledge to their target groups (Lisa,2010). Further, they aim to provide products which are in line with their tastes and preferences. In this 21st century, most companies are popularizing their brands in social media sites which are mostly used by their target groups. Big and small businesses aim at providing adequate information on social media platforms of their brands to their target groups. Therefore, social media advertising mostly involves creating attention through the use of social media sites. These sites include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which are used globally for communications. These sites offer a platform where brand information is posted. These programs aim at attracting attention from the users and encouraging them to share this information to other users and sites (David, 2009). Most users trust these sites as information is mostly posted by the management of these business, therefore, it is mostly firsthand information. Further, these platforms are easily accessible as only internet access is required by the users. Hence, businesses should adopt and embrace social media marketing for their brands as a stiff competition exist and will prevail in the global market. Reasons Why Social Media Advertising Has Become Popular The global market today has been dominated by social media advertising. This is because new technology has introduced new trends and means of advertising various brands to the consumers globally. This form of advertising has gain... ... middle of paper ... ...nd access to this information have enabled the company to innovate products which move with the latest trends in the global market; which is inspired and promoted by the new technology. Impact of Social Media to Businesses in Future Social media will allow the business to learn and move with changes in customers’ tastes and preferences. This is because the global market today is concentrated by new innovations of a different kind of products and services. This will enable the business to move with the latest trends in the market hence they will not lose their customers to their competitors. Creativity and aggressiveness are required by most business in order to survive in the competitive global market. This is because most businesses are investing a lot of resources in developing new products and services in order to move with the latest trends in the global market.
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