Using Remote Desktop Protocol ( Rdp )

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Computer technicians are often faced with problem systems that they can’t access physically. Using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) a technician can access another computer on a network. Windows has built in features called remote desktop connection, and Windows remote assistance. Remote desktop connection is the program that a technician would use to connect to another host computer. Windows Remote assistance might be used by someone seeking help. The two programs work together with remote assistance. Another program for remote assistance is Team Viewer and is a free utility for non commercial use. If you are intending to use Team Viewer for your business a commercial license is available for purchase. Any program used must be available on both the host and client computers before the connection can be made. If a client is complaining about a slow system, remote access may also be slow. When a local host computer is slow there are things that should be considered: 1. Does the system have enough memory? 2. Are there any programs that start with Windows that are not needed? 3. Is any Malware on the system? 4. Is the Hard Drive volume fragmented or does it have system errors? System memory requirements increase with added software to the computer. Programs that are not used anymore should be uninstalled and removed from the system. Programs installed on the local host will have some processes that run in the background. Some of these services start with the operating system and do not need to run until the program is started. Memory RAM3 (random access memory) may be added to a computer. Checking the manufacture’s requirements for RAM type and maximum RAM-per-slot will assist in ordering or upgrading. The comput... ... middle of paper ... ...lity type “cleanmgr” in the run box from the start menu. Select the drive that you want to clean files from and “OK.” The system will search for files that can be deleted from the system. Click the box next to each option that you want and click “clean up system Files” A system scan will detect errors in the file system. Open up Computer from the start menu. Right click on the drive and select properties. Open the tools tab and click on check now. The drive that contains the operating system can’t be scanned and fixed completely. Uncheck the box next to “Automatically fix file system errors.” The system will be scanned but not all errors will be fixed. If you want to scan and fix all system errors leave the box checked and click “Ok.” You will be asked if you want to schedule a scan on the next startup. Click schedule disk check and reboot the computer.
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