Using Assisted Reproduction Techniques and the Implications

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During the past six decades, the human being has been making great strides in science and technology. One of the most developed areas has been the new Assisted Reproduction Techniques (ART). How far will you go? How perfect will your baby be? These are some questions that people do these days when they make the decision to have descendants. The determination of having children and pregnancy is a complex process. In these are involved psychological, social, economic, religious, and even legal factors. The goal of this article is to consider the advantages and disadvantages of using the Assisted Reproduction Techniques (ART). Fertility is the ability to reproduce, but even though that nature gave all humans this ability, many times there are natural obstacles that prevent human beings from conceived. It is understood as ART the use of diverse artificial technical procedures to achieve a fertilized egg, with the union of the male gametes (sperm) and female (ovum). That union can occur into the body of the woman (ovarian stimulation, artificial insemination, or intracorporeal fertilization) or outside (extracorporeal fertilization). Artificial or assisted, the fact is that the human being with his talent and scientific development is involved in processes that should be natural, but for some reason cannot be. Technique, science, and human talent are combined for the wisdom of a superior Being, God, and consequently bring identical results to the natural reproduction. Either by infertility or the fact of not fulfill the conditions Male-Female to conceive a child, the use of ART has been being in the last decades the answer to this problem in all gynecological clinics in the world frequently unregulated and uncontrolled. A s... ... middle of paper ... ...rce of stress, anxiety and, in some cases, depression, and to have options thanks to technology is a blessing. Then, using ART or not is a personal decision, taking into account all aspects that it involves. There are advantages for many people that have more value than the disadvantages. Nowadays, society is most morally permissible, and is concerned over personal needs more than the social consequences. Although there is always the preoccupation of the limits of science, but the most common thought is that "it is not an issue for us,” law, religion, and scientists are those who must solve it. Despite the ethical problems caused by these techniques and from the practical viewpoint, the ability to bring happiness to millions of people unable to have children worth much more than any problem, however it is expected that in the future these techniques progress.
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