Using Animals for Research

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In search for happiness and wellbeing, humanity has made advances in technology development, security, communication, and medicine. Most importantly humanity are looking to further medical research by understanding the source of diseases to efficiently implement prevention and treat inherited and acquired diseases. Generally, current diseases have been understood by researchers and medical professional. However effective treatment for certain pathology affecting people are not readily available because of the lack of well founded research and safety concern. In addition, the newly discovered remedy requires therapeutic trial for its intended use and also to observe any side effects.

Animals have been a medium that researchers use not only for the understanding of diseases but also to follow up the effectiveness of newly discovered drugs. The side effects of medications are monitored through the use of animal subjects. With the use of animals, it has caused some controversy that includes: testing potential forms of treatment on animals, using animals to advance scientific understanding, and protecting the safety of people, animals and the environment. (Animal Research).

The utilization of animal subjects help develop potential form of treatment. Chronic metabolic diseases including obesity, heart disease, and diabetes for instance have been encountered in animals in the laboratory. Those animals were fed with certain foods that contribute to their metabolic illness. Some of the animals had fatty liver that was reversed through removal of source of illness which is high calories diet and lack of activities. This type of metabolic disease can be understood in human being in a more complex obesity patient who needs to change th...

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...rotect human consumers, workers, and environment. Finally, even the animal wellbeing is in fact protected by the use of animal research that aims to understand the source of diseases and develop safe treatment of its cause. (Speaking of Research).

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