Using Age to Determine a World View

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Using Age to Determine a World View When writing a story an author has many different ways that they can express a world view. They can directly state their own or put it more subtly by using the actions of the characters they are writing about and the situations those characters find themselves in to get their point across. The second method is often more useful when trying to instill some sort of moral. Letting the reader discover the moral for themselves tends to give it more meaning. A meaning that will stand the test of time with greater ease. In the tale of little red riding hood three different world views are represented. The views of people during childhood, adulthood, and old age are pitted against each other in a tale that holds a lesson for all three. It doesn’t matter which version you subscribe to, the lessons still remain essentially the same. Let’s start with Little Red who is the epitome of childhood and one of the main characters of our story. From the onset she is portrayed as a beautiful, loving, and well provided for child that everyone knows and loves. She p...

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