Uses of Power

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Power is a quality, a tool, and a weapon utilized for a variety of reasons. It is in the form of a quality in which it gives the possessor, a sense of control. In the form of a weapon, power is possessed in order to produce a negative environment of hurt and punishment. But, in the form of a tool, power may be used in order to gain something more, something positive. Thus, power creates a sense of superiority which may result in consequences on both side of the spectrum, the good or the bad.

As one of the many uses of power, it is prominent and obvious that it is used with the aim of hurting or punishing an individual or a group of beings. With this particular intention, power has been evident to cause devastation in many. One evident example of such abuse of power is seen in Joy Kogawa’s Obasan. Upon the horrific Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, a temporary stamp was engraved on the faces of Japanese Canadians as a threat to the country. Based on a very prejudice basis, Japanese Canadians, mostly in Western Canada, were sent to work camps in which they were deprived of many rights. From this event in the novel, it is clear that injustice was served to the unworthy. The misuse of political power and make unjust decisions was evident in Kogawa’s Obasan. Another such example of the abuse of power is seen in Mistry’s A Fine Balance. In the novel, the power of the police force and the power of military were used in order to deprive many poor from their homes and ignorantly dump them into fruitless work camps. Just the same, use of political power is also dominant in the governments of North America and has been spotted to affect masses. For example, the decision of the U.S. government to introduce a bill, SOPA, has been obviously s...

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... is sometimes unimaginable. It is one part of the everyday life that is evident to play one of the biggest roles in today’s society. Use of money can definitely result in negative consequences but also positive ones. Using the power of money, one can change countless lives stuck in poverty. Using the power of money, one can provide a living for oneself and a ray of hope in another’s life. Seeing a positive use of power as money, I help an approximate number of fifteen physically disable children in the care of the Salvation Army in India. Shocked by the state of their lives, I felt the need to make use of something in order to give hope to the children. Thus, with the power of money, I started donating regularly in the hope that, if not much, at least they may have the comfort of living properly.

Thus, with the use of money, power expresses many positive deeds.
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