Use of Square Kilometre Array in Astrology

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SKA also known as square kilometre array is a very crucial element to the research done with regards to the transcension hypothesis in the subject of astronomy. It is able to exploit radio astronomy’s ability to provide the best quality images in all astronomy. The SKA has been able to provide uninterrupted frequency coverage from about 50 MHz to 14 GHz in the first two phases of its construction. The SKA has bout upon the discovery of the evolutionary developmental biology. The evolutionary developmental biology can help us in thinking about developmental and evolutionary systems. With that being said, the transcension hypotheses proposes that universal processes of the evolutionary progress guides all adequately advanced civilizations into a “inner space”. In this hypothesis, civilizations that might succeed in the resistance of transcension by staying in outer space could be developmental failures, which can be very rare in the cycle of biological development systems. For our current and future METI and SETI, the transcension hypothesis has significant and testable implications. T...

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