Use of Metaphor inThe Death of the Moth by Virginia Woolf

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The essay The Death of the Moth by Virginia Woolf, is a piece of literature that describes the physical struggle of a dying moth and also, an inner struggle that the writer is experiencing as well. Through these struggles that each of the characters in the story endures, the audience sees a connection through both subjects. Analyzing and describing this complex essay structure can be done by evaluating the meaning and metaphors used by the author to portray the message of the story, which will allow the audience to comprehend what the true meaning of the essay is and come to understand the lesson of the story.

Analyzing the content or idea of the essay can lead into understanding the structure of the composition. This piece of literature is conveying the idea of irony between the writer and the moth, while also illustrating a kind of connection between the two characters. The writer is alone in her study, with the window open to the world, which indicates that she is observing the surrounding outside and the life that nature has. Although the writer seems t...

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