Use of Language to Portray 19th Century London Society in Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

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Use of Language to Portray 19th Century London Society in Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens The world's most popular author and novelist who belonged to the Victorian era requires no introduction. Charles Dickens is the man behind great novels like, 'Oliver Twist,' 'Hard Times,' 'Great Expectations,' and many other fascinating and insightful novels that are considered, and quite rightly so, works of true genius. The man, himself was a worker in a blacking factory during his childhood. His father was unable to pay off the family debts so young Dickens was left without a proper education and so spent his childhood and most of his youth in poverty. This left an indelible wound on Dickens. Needless to say, in each of his novels, we see that Dickens reflects on his own life and highlights the miseries of the Industrial Revolution because of which he was robed of the best years of his life. Dickens was a social critic. This is quite expected because of the life Dickens led and what he had experienced. He manages to portray society exactly how it was during the Industrial Revolution. At the time many authors only portrayed the positive aspects of the Revolution but Dickens highlighted even the negative aspects of the changes that were taking place. Dickens was not particularly moved by the changes caused by the Revolution. He claimed that the world he lived in was one of 'sorrow and trouble.' This is quite true because he lost his childhood helping out in factories, another 'innovation' of the Revolution. He was a life-long supporter of the poor. Each of his novels involves some characters who belong to the lower branches of society so that when people read his novels, they realize what exactly society was li... ... middle of paper ... ... he moves along with the story and has also been quite effective at certain times because of its ability to draw sympathy. It tells us how the characters react to various circumstances and how they are influenced by society. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that the novel continues to remain an enduring classic. The society that has been depicted is of quite different from today. It was difficult adjusting to the workhouses, factories in the city but we finally manage to get tuned with Dickens' novel. It is one of the best books ever written. This is because it has a great reader appeal even two centuries later. It is because the description and the language used have helped the reader all throughout, so we do not feel stranded at any point. Dickens saw to it that his readers got the best of his work and we can't disagree after reading 'Oliver Twist.'

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