Use of Information Technology within Organizations

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This overview discusses the use of information technology (IT) that team members observed within the various organizations in which they are employed. We will first describe hardware, software, databases, and networks the team members observed. Then, we will recommend improvements to existing systems. We will also evaluate how the changing business environment has affected the decisions team members' organizations have made in their use of information technology. Finally. we will compare the various the organizations' technological capabilities.

Table below summarizes hardware, software, database, networks and platform ware we observed.

Company Hardware Software Platformware Database Networks



Optical View

Agilent PC MS Word Windows XP Oracle Internet/Intranet

Servers Java MS Access

Storage Devices SAP

The hardware is the physical component of a computer, which encompasses the digital circuitry. Hardware does not change that often it's usually a stable fixture unlike software and data which can be modified to serve the end users needs. Firmware a type of software seldom if ever needs to be changed it's stored on the hardware, this item is read-only-memory or (ROM) since it is infrequently changed it is firm instead of soft. Computer hardware is not seen by the end user. It is implanted in systems like automobiles, microwave ovens, compact disc players and other machines and devises.

The classic personal computer has a case or chassis it's a desktop or tower shape and includes these parts: Motherboard with space for upgrade cards and these additional parts:

Central processing unit (CPU), Random Access Memory (Ram) for short term data storage and program execution, Basic input / output system (BIOS), Buses: PCI bus, PCI-E or ACP bus, USB, CD, DVD, Floppy disk, Internal storage, This just a mention of a few of the features of course there are many more parts that comprise the hardware.

Software part of the computer structure encompasses the encoded information or computer instruction in contrast to the hardware that is used to store and process information.

Platform software includes the basic input-output system or firmware a graphical user interface which lets a user interact with the computer and its peripherals. Platform software comes with the computer. Applications software are what people think when they think of software, examples are office suite, videos games.
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