Use of Fetal Tissue Research to Cure/Treat Neurological Disorder

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Use of Fetal Tissue Research to Cure/Treat Neurological Disorder

The assertion that brain equals behavior brings up many questions and concerns. I am currently most concerned by the effects of physical damage to the brain. Although we have concluded that behavior is based at the lowest level upon the workings of neurons, it is the actual integration of these neurons that account for behavior. Any damage done to the brain either by disease or other disorders can result in a direct change in not only behavior but also personality and our very concept of self. These are things that are very important to us as human beings and are important to be able to treat or cure such disorders. Because a "network" of neurons acting together directs behavior, it is very difficult to repair or treat any disorders of the nervous system. Doctor's are not just treating a single cell that can be replaced but an entire system with intertwining and unknown connections.

Recent research involving transplanted fetal tissue has shown vast potential for hope in many areas of neural study. The basic idea is that the issue will replace or regrow tissue in damaged areas of the brain. Fetal tissue research was banned during the Bush administration due to the abortion controversy but Clinton lifted the ban during his first year as president. Since then, amazing progress has been made in this field. Although there have yet to be any true "cures" improvements and possible treatments are in the working. This technique is currently being used to research treatments for illnesses such as Parkinson's disease, Aids, Tay-Sach's disease, strokes, brain tumors, MS, spinal cord injuries and many other neural disorders.

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...ed methods and drugs used in transplantation which have made it a reality. The current lines of fetal tissue research seem to promise, or at least imply, similar results.

This is an area of research that has a very significant importance in our time and is one that should be followed closely. Many researchers and I believe that we are on the edge of a great new discovery that will bring hope and comfort to many people. Not only will it be creating relief to victims of neural disorders but also it will provide tremendous insight to the development of the nervous system and to its workings.

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