Use of Computer Technology by Law Enforcement Officers

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Use of Computer Technology by Law Enforcement Officers

When it comes to fighting crimes, computers are the most helpful source law enforcement and security officers have. They help track where a suspect could be, where they used to live, past jobs, past criminals record, etc, and they keep track of all criminals. Computers keep records of everything; for example: fingerprints, pictures, information about a suspect, etc. Security personnel use computer technology to help catch thieves, cheaters, embezzlers, and so on. Computer technology is very important in today’s society. Many businesses use computer surveillance to keep people from stealing from their businesses. Video camera’s almost always can catch people who are trying to shoplift, if a store did not use a video camera, the person trying to steal would more than likely get away with it ninety nine percent of the time. Computer’s also help in a way so that pictures can be printed off of a suspect and posted in many areas so that people will be aware of who they are to be looking for. If we did not have the printer today, no pictures of suspects would ever be posted, and many criminals would get off scot-free!

Law enforcement use computer technology to keep track of convicts everyday. They keep on record the day someone was sent to prison, and they have on file the day they are supposed to be released. Also, computer technology helps the public be able to know if they have an ex-con living in their neighbor, all they have to do is look it up online for their area! If computer technology was not available, you could have a child molester living right next door, and not even know it! And to too me, that would be very scary! Law enforcement use computer technology to help match up fingerprints they have recovered from a recent crime scene. If there were no computer, the person who left the prints would never be found because law enforcement would not be able to link the prints to any one person.

Today, police officers have little computers inside their vehicles so that if they so choose too, they can scan your license plate while driving behind you to see if you have a warrant out for your arrest, see if your

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