Us Imperialism Case Study

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1) What questions do you have about US imperialism? The main question that comes to mind when reading about US imperialism is this: how are there no regulations currently in place to stem or censor this kind of behavior? It is absolutely shocking that the US government and military, throughout history, has been able to take liberty after liberty with what can only be described as absolute impunity. Why is this allowed to continue, and how is it that contentious Americans have not risen up in opposition to such behavior? Furthermore, what is being done to amend such blatant abuses of power? 2) Do you see any connections between the US conquest of Native tribes and the present day? Absolutely! It is impossible to overlook the obvious connections and consistent perpetuation of this type of behavior, beginning all the way back when the US massacred the Native Americans…show more content…
I would abhor and resent imperialists of any nation who attempted to impose their agendas on my country and countrymen. While the financial remuneration from the US may have been a welcome change from the US’ former patterns of behavior, I find the despicable working conditions and the racial discrimination levied against the workers who built the canal utterly despicable and unforgivable. 4) What don’t you like about this lecture? I found the lecture extremely informative and brutally honest. The only aspect I did not like was feeling completely powerless to help those who have suffered at the hands of the US. The infuriating trend of our nation to enforce defacto slavery on people and nations across the globe is absolutely revolting. It turns my stomach and makes me sad and angry at the same time. That said, if more people were made aware of these realities, perhaps our combined voices would at last succeed in reverberating across the nation, and subsequently precipitating positive changes in our policies and
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